Welcome to the official webpage of Intellibot, the multipurpose Discord bot! Intellibot is fully powered by NodeJS and has many features for entertainment and server management. See the features below to see what he is capable of!

Please note that the bot will be in beta phase. The reason it will be released on December 21st 2017 is to collect logs that will improve it! The bot might also often go into 'debug' mode, where no commands from anyone else than devs (the dev) will be processed. Additionally, the server Intellibot is running on may be subject to change depending on performance, which would result in a temporary shutdown to migrate the bot to the "plan B" server.

Enjoy all the music on Youtube there is! (or whatever else you like on Youtube!) This command let's you save links to play them later simply by calling their name, create playlists and search Youtube videos!

Intellibot offers many customizable options to manage your server as an admin. From setting rules and the command prefix to banning strings and having your new users being greeted properly! You can even decide to limit access to certain commands or subcommands that are available to everyone by default.

Intellibot includes a score system named "robotpieces". These robotpieces kept throughout servers so you can rank yourself with all the other users! This means your score is global, so you keep your pieces from server to server, as long as Intellibot is in it!

Intellibot comes with default settings (such as prefix and notification channel). Each servers have their own unique spot in it's memory (if that won't make you feel special, I don't know what will!). It's up to you to customize it to your preferences!

Unlike other bots, Intellibot does not rely on any API to create memes! You can store image templates by giving them to Intellibot and he'll keep them for you. You can then use a command and Intellibot will create a fresh, dank meme! No watermark, no APIs, fully unique memes!

There's much more that comes with Intellibot, but I work alone on this project and, at the time of making this page, I have 5 weeks and 5 days before release, so I'm keeping it short and will probably add more to this page once the bot hits v1.0! Hey, at least the page has device adaptive properties and animations, so it's not like it was just spitted out of the WWW!

Thanks to these modules/plugins/etc, Intellibot has been made possible!
DiscordJs The library Intellibot uses to simplify the Discord API
FFMPEG, ytdl-core, Simple Youtube API The plugin and modules used to make the music command
Jimp Used to make the memes and everything else image related
NodeJs The ultimate JavaScript framework that powers Intellibot
Digital Ocean The server Intellibot will being hosted on

Sincerly, this has been a great way to learn more about JavaScript and made me fall a bit more in love with JavaScript!

Intellibot is planned to come out December 21 2017!

Intellibot is completely free and will stay free forever! However, you can choose to make a pledge on Patreon to support the project and contribute to potential server host upgrades (and get some rewards)!